Webix 1.7

develop cross-browser mobile and desktop web apps with rich UI

develop cross-browser mobile and desktop web apps with rich UI

It is a perfect tool for developing interactive web apps that can work in popular frameworks. The library presents over 45 feature-rich components and runs flawlessly on most modern mobile and touch devices.

Web apps created with Webix have offline support, easily skinnable interface, cross domain data loading, and more. Webix delivers an easy way to integrate the library with such a popular MVC framework as Backbone.js and, since v 1.2, with AngularJS. This integration enables developers to build powerful web apps taking all the bonuses of MVC frameworks, like using rich Webix components instead of manually coded custom solutions.

The introduced JavaScript UI components library can be easily integrated with the server-side.

Webix can use WebSocket protocol and IndexedDB data saving and loading;

Webix has such online tools for web developers as skin builder, code snippet, interactive tutorials

Webix is an easy to learn javascript framework that has a well-documented and coherent API with similar principles for various UI widgets.

One of the key Webix advantages is its capability to work on multiple platforms. The library includes not only necessary tools for building desktop web apps but also allows developers to use the same UI components to create usable mobile apps.

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    "You won't regret!"

    Webix is cool! This library will help you to create really fine apps. Just try it!.   More.